Grafana connection (grafana)

The grafana model contains information to manage Grafana panels for the monitored system performance data.

The Alignak backend will use those information to create/update Grafana panels for each managed timeseries. A Grafana dashboard is created automatically for each host in the monitored system. A panel is created automatically in this dashboard for each metric of the concerned host.

Property Type Required Default Relation
objectid True   realm
boolean   True  
objectid list     user
objectid list     user
objectid list     user
Server address
string True    
Grafana API key
string True    
Grafana connection name
string True    
Server port
integer   3000  
Dashboard refresh period
string   1m  
integer   1  
boolean   False  
Grafana timezone
string   browser  

_realm: Realm this element belongs to.

_sub_realm: Is this element visible in the sub-realms of its realm?

apikey: This API key is defined in the Grafana administration Web interface and it must have administrator rights in your Grafana organization.

name: Unique Grafana connection name

refresh: The default Grafana dashboard refresh time.

ssl: Set this property if your Grafana requires SSL connection.

timezone: This timezone is used, if needed, to define the Alignak Timezone.