Alignak time period (timeperiod)

The timeperiod model is used to represent time periods in the monitored system.

Time periods are used in many situations:

  • for the hosts and services active/passive checks. Outside of the defined time periods,

Alignak will not try to determine the hosts/services states.

  • for the notifications. The notifications will be sent-out only during the defined

time periods.

A time period is built with time ranges for each day of the week that “rotate” once the week has ended. Different types of exceptions to the normal weekly time are supported, including: specific weekdays, days of generic months, days of specific months, and calendar dates.

Property Type Required Default Relation
objectid True   realm
boolean   True  
objectid list     user
objectid list     user
objectid list     user
Date ranges
list   []  
Definition order
integer   100  
list   []  
Imported from
string   unknown  
boolean   False  
Time period name
string True    
integer   1  

_realm: Realm this element belongs to.

_sub_realm: Is this element visible in the sub-realms of its realm?

alias: Element friendly name used by the Web User Interface.

dateranges: List of date ranges

definition_order: Priority level if several elements have the same name

exclude: List of excluded ranges.

imported_from: Item importation source (alignak-backend-import, …)

is_active: The timeperiod is currently active or inactive.

name: Unique time period name

notes: Element notes. Free text to store element information.