Service escalation (serviceescalation)

The serviceescalation model is used to define escalated notifications for the hosts.

See the Alignak documentation regarding the escalations to discover all the features and the possibilities behind this Alignak feature.

Property Type Required Default Relation
objectid True   realm
boolean   True  
objectid list     user
objectid list     user
objectid list     user
Definition order
integer   100  
Escalation options
list   [‘w’, ‘c’, ‘x’, ‘r’]  
Escalation time period
objectid     timeperiod
First notification count
First notification time
integer   60  
Hosts groups
objectid list     hostgroup
objectid list     host
Imported from
string   unknown  
Last notification count
Last notification time
integer   240  
Service escalation name
string True    
Notifications interval
integer   60  
integer   1  
objectid list     service
Escalation users groups
objectid list True   usergroup
Escalation users
objectid list True   user

_realm: Realm this element belongs to.

_sub_realm: Is this element visible in the sub-realms of its realm?

alias: Element friendly name used by the Web User Interface.

definition_order: Priority level if several elements have the same name

escalation_options: List of the notifications types this escalation is concerned with. This escalation will be used only if the host is in one of the states specified in this property.

Allowed values: [‘w’, ‘c’, ‘x’, ‘r’]

escalation_period: No escalation notifications will be sent-out except during this time period.

first_notification: Nagios legacy. Number of the first notification this escalation will be used. Note that this property will be deprecated in favor of the first_notification_time.

first_notification_time: Duration in minutes before sending the first escalated notification.

hostgroups: List of the hosts groups concerned by the escalation.

hosts: List of the hosts concerned by the escalation.

imported_from: Item importation source (alignak-backend-import, …)

last_notification: Nagios legacy. Number of the last notification this escalation will not be used anymore. Note that this property will be deprecated in favor of the last_notification_time.

last_notification_time: Duration in minutes before sending the last escalated notification. Escalated notifications will be sent-out between the first_notification_time and last_notification_time period.

name: Unique service escalation name

notes: Element notes. Free text to store element information.

notification_interval: Number of minutes to wait before re-sending the escalated notifications if the problem is still present. If you set this value to 0, only one notification will be sent out.

services: List of the services concerned by the escalation.

usergroups: List of the users groups concerned by this escalation.

users: List of the users concerned by this escalation.