Acknowledges (actionacknowledge)

The actionacknowledge contains the acknowledgement requested and processed.

To acknowledge an host/service problem the client post on this endpoint to create a new acknowledge request that will be managed by the Alignak backend Broker module to build an external command notified to the Alignak framework.

Note that the Alignak Web Services module allow to use more external commands.

Property Type Required Default Relation
objectid     realm
boolean   True  
objectid list     user
string   add  
objectid True   host
boolean   False  
boolean   False  
boolean   True  
boolean   False  
integer   1  
objectid True   service
boolean   True  
objectid True   user

_realm: Realm this element belongs to. Note that this property will always be forced to the value of the concerned host realm.

_sub_realm: Is this element visible in the sub-realms of its realm?

action: Use “add” to add a new acknowledge, or “delete” to delete an acknowledge

Allowed values: [‘add’, ‘delete’]

comment: The comment of the acknowledge action. Free text.

host: The host concerned by the acknowledge.

notified: The action has been fetched by the Alignak arbiter if notified is True but it is not yet to be considered as an effective scheduled downtime

notify: If the notify option is set, a notification will be sent out to contacts indicating that the current host/service problem has been acknowledged, else there will be no notification.

persistent: Alignak always consider an acknowledge as persistent. Thus this property is of no importance and it will be removed in a future version.

processed: The action has been set on the host/service by Alignak and it can be considered as effective if processed is True

service: The service concerned by the acknowledge.

sticky: If the sticky option is set, the acknowledgement will remain until the host/service recovers. Otherwise the acknowledgement will automatically be removed when the host/service state changes.

user: The user concerned by the acknowledge.