Alignak-App Launcher

alignak-app-launcher command line interface:

    alignak-app-launcher [-h]
    alignak-app-launcher [-s][--start]
    alignak-app-launcher [-i][--install]

    -h, --help          Show this screen.
    -s, --start         Start Alignak-app in your current shell. (All platforms)
    -i, --install       Check installation folders and files. (All platforms)
                        Install a daemon file and autocompletion. (Linux only)

Daemon [alignak-app]:
    Option "--install" will create a bin folder in your "$HOME", with a daemon file based on
    the environment variables of your current session.

    Then simply run "alignak-app start" to launch application.

Exit codes:
    0  if required operation succeeded

    22 if application detect an SSH session.
    64 if command line parameters are not used correctly

Linux Daemon

If you have set environment variables for application, they will be added to the generated daemon script (see Configuration).

Here is the available commands for daemon:

    # Without parameters
    alignak-app             Displays the help message and configured environment variables.

    # With parameters
    alignak-app start       Start Alignak-app daemon.
    alignak-app stop        Stop Alignak-app daemon.
    alignak-app status      Show status of daemon running.
    alignak-app restart     Stop and restart application.

Note: To generate a new daemon file with other environment, just run alignak-app-launcher --install again with your new environment variables.

Windows Installer

If you used the installer provided in the repository or did you generate your own, just launch Alignak-app vX.x shorcut on your desktop.

All files have been installed in C:\Program Files\Alignak-app\.