About Alignak

Alignak is an open source monitoring framework written in Python under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License . It is a fork of the Shinken project.

More information about Alignak is available in the Alignak documentation.

About Alignak-App

The Alignak-App is an open source Applet in system tray, written in Python. It is available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License .

This application is intended to be used within the Alignak project, it connects to the Alignak backend and allows you to be notified directly on your workstation. You will be able to view the states of the hosts and the services that you have defined in your installation.


Alignak-App has many features:

  • Multi-platfom: Linux / Windows
  • Receive Alignak notifications inside application
  • Spy host: choose to monitor multiple hosts and receive their states
  • Search Hosts and Services, acknowledge problems, schedule downtimes and more
  • Many configurations
  • Links to your Alignak WebUI from the menus

Release cycle

“App” has no strict schedule for releasing.

Other features will come in the next versions and you can propose new features through project issues. Each feature is discussed in a separate issue.


Thanks to ddurieux, mohierf and spea1 for their help and contribution.